Top Tips for Effective Online Business Networking

Business4Wales is a business tool for successful and effective online business networking. We help businesses maximise their potential by enabling business people to make the best use of references and testimonials to:

* Present their business capabilities

* Find and connect with colleagues and businesses they know and trust

* Find businesses that have been recommended by their peers

* Discover NEW professional relationships and opportunities

* Drive business through referral marketing

Business4Wales is a great resource for building professional relationships, and winning new business. It is also a facility for consumers and business buyers to find trusted businesses to deal with, endorsed by trusted contacts.

Your own business can see success with Business4Wales. – just follow these simple steps:

1. Get your business listed
No one can find you on Business4Wales until you have added a Business member profile — this is free and is like adding your business card to our site. Just go to and follow the instructions to register first, then add your company details. You can add or edit your membership details at any time within the My Profile section of our site.
2. Think about your keywords
When setting up or editing your company details you’ll be asked to enter keywords for your business. Your keywords are vital, as they are how other people will find you on Business4Wales. Think of the words your customers would type to find you in Google; or the words they think of when scanning the Yellow Pages for your products or services. On our site keywords are used in the same way when other members search for you. You can change your keywords at any time by editing your profile within My Profile.
3.Add your personal photo and company logo
A company logo and personal photo will help your business entry stand out in our search results when other members are looking for businesses like yours. Adding a company logo is easy – just upgrade to our Pro Networker membership level then edit your profile. Adding a personal photo at the same time makes you seem more personable and will help encourage other members to contact you.
4.Connect with your contacts
Business4Wales works by enabling businesses to collect testimonials from customers — and the more testimonials collected, the higher they rank. Further, when a member searches for a business using on our site, if any of the businesses shown have been endorsed by one of their contacts we let them know about it. As a consequence, they are much more likely to choose an endorsed business above the others. To get these benefits you need to have built a network of contacts.
5.Check your account activity
Activity can be found within My Profile and is where the most recent activity on your business profile gets displayed. Here you get a summary of who has messaged you, endorsed you, viewed your profile, searched for business like yours . Watch for the links in the text to take you to more details or to the other person’s business profile.
6.Ensure you are receiving alerts
There could be lots happening on your profile between the times you log in to Business4Wales. Make sure you have you alerts set so that you get informed when you are contacted or have urgent required actions. Your Alert Preferences are set within My Profile. Also be sure to check that Business4Wales e-mails are not being caught by your spam filter and redirected to your junk folder.
7.Use the value of testimonials
testimonials are a valuable way of adding credibility to a business — and confidence to potentials customers. Don’t be shy to ask existing customers that you are connected with on Business4Wales to come and give you a reference. Ensure you share their testimonials (if hey have given permission for you to do so) and message them a thank you upon receipt. Importantly, be sure to give testimonials to your suppliers too — supporting the endorsement system will help to ensure you receive them.
8.Make the most of the profile you have built
Building a great profile with many glowing customer testimonials on Business4Wales should not take much effort. Be sure you exploit the confidence it builds in new customers by keeping it updated and pushing customers and prospective customers to it — both on and off line. You can easily link to your Business4Wales profile from your website or in e-mails. You may want to include a button or link to connect with you within your e-mail signature or show your testimonials on your own website.

It is important you return to Business4Wales to keep your profile up-to-date; ensure you are connecting through our site to your most recent business contacts. We are also adding new features all the time, so keep a watch on our site for the latest tools to help promote your business.

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