Social Media Selling

socialsellingimageA book by Kathy Kruze

Today’s sales landscape is changing for the better by way of refocusing efforts to reach the customer where they congregate: in the virtual space. This means using social media. Trusted relationships are the paramount concern for every consumer. Customers aren’t drawn to the value of a product or service alone.
The value of a trusted relationship is the magic glue that keeps any sales machine moving into a sustainable future.

You don’t need to be everyone’s friend, but you will need to come to terms with the idea that establishing and maintaining trusted relationships IS your platform upon which to grow your sales to a superior level. Becoming a trusted resource is an extremely fulfilling outcome. To do this you must engage using social media.

This book will help you craft your Social Selling skills into a system that will foster a strong referral network, master networking and technology and leave you enjoying a pipeline full of prospects.

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