We have built and still manage many sites built with the WORDPRESS content management system (CMS) using WOO COMMERCE for selling products. If you’d like us to build one of these please get in touch for a quote.


ShopifyLaunching an online store can be both exciting and daunting. You know what you want to sell, but how do you create an ecommerce site that’s both affordable and effective? With a custom Shopify theme design and set-up we’ll get you launched and on your way to success!

Why we recommend Shopify:

Quick, simple, and cost effective and with new features while maintaining what we consider the most user friendly shopping cart system available.

Ease of use is key to our clients – as most would prefer to spend their time selling rather than figuring out a complicated cart system. This shopping cart is easy enough for anyone to use and its simplicity makes it easy for us to tweak things if you need it.

So where shall we start?

We can customize and launch a site for you in very little time. The hardest part of launching an ecommerce site is developing your content, gathering photos, determining your shipping etc. We can certainly help you with all of that and have plenty of tips to share.

Full Shopify sites include:

    • Basic design aesthetic using current logo (or typeface company name)
    • Shopify theme setup, navigation, layout and coding
    • Home page slideshow and featured products
    • Layout and styling of product and content pages (adding products and copy on your behalf is additional)
    • Custom checkout pages to match your site
    • Integration with current email marketing service
    • Social media integration
    • Customization of hosting account to accommodate Shopify
    • Customization of shipping, taxes, payment and account admin
    • Set-up of blog/news feature
    • Responsive layout (looks great on desktop + mobile)
    • Cross browser testing
    • Unlimited email consultation until launch
  • One month of reasonable corrections and adjustments

Included SEO:

    • Assistance with copy editing
  • Best practices for search engines (Shopify’s built-in SEO is excellent)

Need More?

If you need some fancy features just ask, if it’s in our skill set we’ll do our best to incorporate it into your site

    • Custom HTML customer emails
    • Photo Galleries
    • Integration with third-party apps
    • MailChimp or MarketMailer set-up
  • Customized forms to collect unique info

You don’t need to learn to code:

The theme we create for you will have a lot of built-in support so that you can independently update your site anytime you like. If you like we give you a couple of handy tips to make your layout skills stronger.

Nothing to install and host:

Shopify is a hosted cart – they keep everything on their super-fast servers for you (instead of one that you rent space on and install the software yourself). This means they keep a close eye on any service disruptions or other problems for you. And anytime they improve or upgrade the software it gets added automatically to your shop without anyone having to upgrade it.

Lots of great features – but not too many to overwhelm you:

You need to be able to quickly add and adjust products, process orders, keep track of stock and promote your items. Shopify has the basics beautifully covered and then some. Plus there are some very handy apps that we can add on if you extend its capabilities (like showing hand-picked related products).

There are carts out there that have many features, one-time fee, or are open-source (free to use). But the compromise is the need for complex customization, expensive developer fees for any updates or changes, and a complex admin section that confuses a new shop owner.

More about ongoing costs:

Shopify has a monthly hosting fee that starts at £20 (UK) and of course we believe it’s worth every penny for the peace of mind knowing your site is in good hands. Check out the different levels to see what is included – and feel free to ask us which might suit your needs.

Have a retail store? Go to tradeshows? All you need now is the Shopify POS which will tie your online and offline sales together seamlessly.

Questions? Contact us with any questions you have – we’d be happy to help you decide if Shopify is right for your project.