Website Management Services

Why outsource your web site? A lot of small businesses want a web site but do not have the time to give it the full commitment it deserves. It is becoming more and more popular for our customers to hand over the complete management of their web site to us. This service means our customers with no technical skills or time can have a web site developed and continually managed for them and their business while they concentrate on what they do best and let us do what we do best, it couldn’t be easier.

Why would you need content management services? Because you’ll be surprised at just how much work is required to keep an online business vital and current. For instance:Once you have a web site, you need to constantly provide fresh content and information on your web pages. The prices of your products or services need to be kept up-to-date. Important company news needs to be posted on the site to keep it current so that your customers will continue to come back and browse the site on a regular basis.

You will need to monitor your Internet marketing campaigns and find out which strategies work best for you. Tracking your visitors’ behaviour, seeing which pages your customers prefer and what products or services they most often look for, should also be very important to you.

At some stage, you might decide to send promotional newsletters to your customers. It’s a very good idea to provide two versions of your newsletter – a plain text and HTML formatted version.

Although you will have online tools to update the content of your web pages, you’ll need to properly format and fit every new picture on the site. Things can get even more complicated when it comes to adding new text. You’ll need to ensure that your pages are still optimized for best ranking on the major search engines.

All these routine tasks can easily become too overwhelming and distract you from your major business activities. At this point, you’ll most likely consider the following options:

* Hiring an IT professional into a full time position
* Outsource all of your web site maintenance and management tasks to another company

Perhaps it would be best to choose the first option if you need constant updates and monitoring of your site. In this case, it might be good to have certain IT and design skills so you can manage and control your employee’s work. Not to be overlooked is the fact that you’ll have to pay your employee even if there are periods when no web site maintenance or management services are needed.

In most cases, outsourcing your content management services would prove to be the most cost-effective approach. You can request site updates or maintenance services and pay only for the actual time spent. The best scenario is when you can request content management services from the company that originally designed and developed your site.

ClickBridge offers skilled content management services to facilitate all of your online maintenance needs. Here are just a few of the managed services we offer:

* Content updates

* SEO of your web pages when you need to update the site content

* Inventory management – add, edit, delete products and product information, update prices

* Image processing – send us your scanned product images and we will process and optimize them for the Web

* Design and send your newsletters

* Execute marketing reports